Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hand Painting and Tape Art

This week we looked at hand art and how to turn a hand into other things.
Our inspiration for the hand drawings was Guido Daniele who makes art out of hands.
First we had to draw a sketch of how our animals would look on our hands, then we got to paint them on to see if there were any resemblances.
The idea of drawing a cougar was just because the fact that it wouldn't be hard to do.

The finished work of the drawing is on the right. -->

My overall thought of the final peice was that it came out as drawn and that it was a success.
the reason why I feel very successful is because you can clearly tell that it's a cougar and doesn't look like some lost design.
almost everything in this project worked out for me.
The most difficult part of the assignment was probably drawing the hand and even if I had the option of doing it over again I wouldn't because I like the results the way they are.
I learned from this peice that you can make anything out of a hand.

This week we talked about tape art and how people use it.
Our team came up with the idea for this project because of a previous project done by other kids, a man drawn on a kite was our inspiration. First our team had to sketch the kite man so we knew what we were about to tape, then we picked a hallway in the school and started to tape. After finishing tape man a teacher walked by and gave us the idea to add some color and so we did.

This is our finished work of tape man ---------->

my overall thoughts of the final peice was that it looked really good and it'll be seen now by tons of kids who walk by the 600s hallway. We feel very successful and that everything worked out as planned, but if we had the option to do it over again I would say we needed to add more color it's just a white tape man on a white wall and it might be hard to see. the most difficult part of this project was agreeing on what to tape because everyone had completely different ideas. I learned from this peice that tape art takes a lot of time to do and a lot of patience.

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